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My Camp Half Blood

Enjoy an amazing adventure for all demigods!
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 Before We Head Out

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PostSubject: Before We Head Out   Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:05 am

Here we gather on Half Blood Hill, This is where i point out a few things, and where you depart from,

Remember Questers:


You will be presented a prophecy, which you will use to lead you through your quest

You will be given choice by "The Fates"

You are only allowed to go in a group of THREE! (The sacred number)

The choices you take can kill you, kill your friends, save you, save your friends! Therefore, the quest leader (whom will be determined in a meeting done by me and Dionysus) must discuss every choice he/she makes with her/his group before taking it!

Anyone who defies the quest leader, will be dealt with by the fates! Smile

Good Luck! And may the gods be with you!
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Before We Head Out
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