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Greetings Demigods!

My Camp Half Blood

Enjoy an amazing adventure for all demigods!
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 My Absence!

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PostSubject: My Absence!   Mon Aug 01, 2011 9:56 am

Greetings, Demigods,

I will be off with Dionysus to complete some very important business about Olympus and The Titan Lord, we will be off for quite a while, and i expect you all to be brave and strong until we return, i expect you all to defend to the camp the way all demigods must! You can all make new things in your shops, you can fix everything in your cabin if you are heads of cabin and second in commands like:

- Adding Drachmas in new posts
- Updating the teams of the cabins
- Adding new things to cabins

Other things everybody can do:

- Make Portraits about their Olympian Father/Mother
- Complete classes if they are professors
- And many more!

I will come once in a while to check on you demigods and i might use iris messaging a few times...

Take care, and enjoy! Smile
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My Absence!
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